Face off the slash

Five months, 23 incidents, 23 scars that can never be erased. This is the essence for the fear that New Yorkers faced in the fall of 2016 when underground subway stations were threatened by a “face slasher.” In response, I created “Face Off The Slash” to challenge New Yorkers to become more aware of their surroundings (and of potential accidents). 

A public awareness stunt, “Face Off The Slash” is presented as an art piece and was produced in a total of 22 hours of 3D modeling, 80 pages of print, 200+ cut outs, and three separate mask iterations.

Behind the mask



Art director and mask making: Helen Lu    |    Project advisor and Photographer: Joao Unzer
3D modeling: Andy Chern   |    Filming and Video editing: Helen Lu & Arthur Amiune  
Models: Andrea Erali & Arthur Amiune