Sexual abuse changes a kid’s life forever, both psychologically and emotionally, as it alternates a child’s innocent
understanding of simple words. However, people hesitate to talk about it and sometimes turn a blind eye to it.

Taboo is digital OOH campaign created to raise awareness for child sexual abuse with the use of words and the taboo
meaning they have. The campaign targets adults including parents, caregivers, and professionals working with children.

Our OOH ads are printed in 2 types of ink: regular ink and a special ink that only appears in the dark or under fluorescent light.
In the morning, the regular ink shows the literal meaning of a word. 

At night, the obscure meaning of the word that sexually abused kids know appears as the metaphor for how concealed child
sexual abuse can be and how people usually treat it like a taboo. 

CTA: Nearly 200 million children gain a new understanding for a simple word every year because of sexual abuse.
Speak up. Restore the original definition.



2017 summit creative award broze

2017 the golden award of montreux finalist




AD: Helen Lu      |    CW: Kim Truong and Wael Khairy